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The cousin went home early for an interview, so it’s back to eating healthy!

My plans of a relaxing night in my mates house tomorrow night fell through.

My scandalous life hasn’t gotten any better, if anything it’s taken an interesting turn that I could live without.

And I haven’t eaten loads, but what I have eaten is mostly crap, and I may eat more after this is posted.

My luck is actually ridiculously bad at the moment, I wish everyone could just stop lying and pretending, and dragging me into situations I need not be in.

Cross your fingers for me :/


Yeah so I seem to be on a bit of a downward spiral…

I think I might start again next week, that’s not for procrastination purposes, but this week is a little hectic, my cousin is staying in mine, so we had chinese, and a scone, and hot chocolate. 

I’m still going to try make healthy choices, and follow my dietary rules as much as possible.

I’m going to keep exercising.

But because my life has once again blown up in my face I think I’ll give myself a little room for movement for the next few days. I’ll still do my measurements and pictures at the end of the week, and track how everything is going, but I won’t be making huge effort.

I’m sorry, but it’s too much to handle at the moment.


Sorry guys, I had a long review written out of the problems I encountered today, I listed what I ate, and how I was going to fix the problems and my internet disconnected, I lost everything, and there’s no way I can even try to type it all up again!

So basically last night I got hungry and ate a snickers ice cream bar.

Today I ate really well and then about two hours ago I had a bowl of cereal.

I think I’m too strict with carbs and that’s why my rules are unsustainable, I only eat starchy carbs in the morning and then when it comes to the evening I crave them, along with sweets and stuff. 

So my first idea for solving this is to cut down starchy carbs in the morning and incorporate complex carbs (brown rice, the odd bit of pasta) and starchy vegetables (potatoes, corn) into my evening meals, to stop me from snacking. We’ll see how it works out! 

This may also be good from the point of view that when I’m working out I’m not burning the energy from my high-energy breakfast, but from my low energy breakfast and my body, and then re-fuelling after the workout, so I don’t get as tired.

Hopefully it will work, I’m completely flipping everything I know on it’s head (not eating starchy carbs later in the day as you have less chances of burning them off) to see if maybe a change that I think will suit me personally will be better than the general theory.

Until tomorrow!


I’ve eaten well today, and I went for a bike ride for an hour. I also did some wide legged plie squats to try target my upper legs along with a few other random exercises.

My mood is okay funny enough, seeing as I did have to spend an hour and a half with two people I’m not very happy with at the moment!

Day One over, and as much as I want to say 25 left, I hope to keep this up much longer :D

Photo Set

It was REALLY hard to take a picture without sucking in!

So this is where it starts, this is definitely my biggest and I think taking pictures was the best thing to do, because I’ve had a completely different idea of what I looked like… (I didn’t think my thighs were that big)

I may also switch to a bikini for these photo’s, just as a thought, maybe it might be a little more flattering, we’ll see!


Weight: 61kg - 134.48198 Pounds

(My eyesight isn’t great and the scales are far away, so that might not be exactly accurate)

Height: 5 foot 5 inches

Body Fat Percentage: 25.59%

BMI: 22.38

Waist to Hip Ratio: 0.77 - Low health risk.

Calf (R): 14.4

Calf (L): 14.4

Lower Thigh (R): 17.7

Lower Thigh (L): 17.7

Upper Thigh (R): 23.5

Upper Thigh (L): 23.3

Circumference of Ass: 39.1

Circumference of Hips: 35

Around Belly Button: 28.7

Waist: 27

Bust: 36

Circumference of Shoulders: 40.4

Dip Between Deltoid and Tricep (R): 10.4

Dip Between Deltoid and Tricep (L): 10.2

Upper Arm (R): 9.4

Upper Arm (L): 9.1

Forearm (R): 8.7

Forearm (L): 8.4

Wrist (R): 5.7

Wrist (L): 5.7

Neck: 12.7


Pictures will follow tomorrow, I have just learned that these sort of pictures should be taken in the morning for a number of reasons;

1. Natural Lighting

2. You won’t be bloated from today’s supply of food!

Who knew? 

So just as a little introduction I’ll give you a brief history of my battle with my body:

Since about the age of 8 (when I was diagnosed with Chronic Anxiety and an unnamed mood disorder) I’ve worried about my weight. Not even so much my weight but how I looked in general. I developed acne at 10 and didn’t really know how to handle it so I just receded further into my little bubble of anxiety. I was bullied in primary school just the way most kids are, called fat and told my skirt was too short and showed off my huge legs. I moved house and in turn, school. I wore the uniform trousers and still believed I looked huge. Looking back on pictures now, I was scarily thin. As secondary school started, I became more and more obsessed with how I looked, my body developing wasn’t too scary for me, I stayed thin and my body took on an hourglass shape. My acne still bothered me though, I would only ever see my friends outside of school with my face covered in makeup. It didn’t have to look good, I just had to be covered.

At the age of about 15 (I can’t really remember my dietary habits before that) my best friend decided to become vegetarian, and so I said I’d try it too (BIG MISTAKE, I love meat!). Here’s where things get a little dark. I never researched ANYTHING to do with vegetarianism, I just stopped eating meat, no supplements, nothing. If I felt like eating meat and thought nothing would satisfy my craving, I just didn’t eat. My small build became smaller and smaller and as wrong as it was, I loved it. Around three months into this new eating habit ( the amount of time it takes your body to adjust to new diets, or for you to see the effects of them) I became quite sick. I had become Anaemic, and my mother soon realised, Anorexic. I collapsed several times one day while out with my friends, and for the next week I didn’t attend school. I didn’t have the energy to move, I broke out in rashes, my menstrual cylces stopped, I couldn’t even chew. I ate meat, giving up, knowing that was what had made me so sick, and I threw up. A little while on and I regained my strength, eating a more balanced diet. I still wasn’t eating enough though, I was damned if I was regaining weight, my body image and my control of my body was who I was. However, I did gain a little weight from eating proper food, but it wasn’t that noticeable and I knew I’d get rid of it soon enough. I went through a rough patch not long after, I made some bad decisions and lost a lot of my friends. 

I became a fitness freak after this. I stopped eating chocolate for the next 4/5 months and went to the gym all the time. I started to build muscle, sick of my weak, fragile body. I still had some bad habits, some I still carry today, but I was doing much better. I made new friends, I became happier.

The acne was still there though. I still only have a handful of friends that have seen me without any makeup on. I started on medication in January to get rid of it once and for all (I hope), after the last two years of my life being full of creams and antibiotics, it’s a relief. But along with this medication comes some nasty side effects. I now suffer from severe depression, and my anxiety (which I had a great deal of control over) has run rampant. I don’t believe this is all to do with this medication though, this year has not been good to me in many ways so far, I’ve been kicked down repeatedly, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

So that’s why I’ve started all of this, I’m at the biggest I think I’ve ever been and It’s time to slim down naturally and healthily. I want to track my progress and be my own inspiration and motivation. I want to help others and get out of my own way. I want to rise above all the crap that’s being thrown at me, and I think this is a great way to focus.

This blog probably won’t have a specific function for a while, I’ve a lot of issues I’d like to deal with and talk about, so it’s gonna be a bit of a pick and mix :)


Okay so this coming month is dedicated to the change I’m going to make to my body, with my 18th in 27 days this is my last day of eating crap and being lazy and from tomorrow I start behaving. This is more of a challenge to myself to see if I can stick with it, because normally I get quite far but can’t see the results compared to where I began. So later I’ll be taking all my measurements and publishing them (along with pictures :o) and then I’ll hopefully update every week or so. I’m hoping because this is published it’ll help keep me going. It’s time to commit, and so this is it!